April's Calendar

April 2021
(No 8th) 15th, 22nd, 29th - Surprise Release

No Bespoke This Month

 Custom Slot Auction Live 10th-12th


Happy now officially Spring to you! 🌸

I apologize for the lack of write-up last month, there will be an explanation for it below if you are interested. Either way, I hope you are well! Thank you for taking the time to read this and check on my little corner of the internet, as always the important updates are at the top! 

There will be no Bespoke offering this month, I will still have a poll for next month's Bespoke and will place it in my Instagram (@hoshiikinsshop @hoshiikins) so stay tuned and turn on notifs if you'd like. 

On topic with that, while April will be a quiet month for me- I will be making an effort in May going forward to place updates on my Instagram to be more accessible and keep you in the loop!

Personal updates below, tw for mental health talk-

As some of you may have noticed I've been withdrawing from my social medias and the public presentation of my work in general since last year. I didn't realize at the time how greatly events were compounding and connecting, and how my 'band-aid' fixes were failing in more rapid succession. I kept pushing myself hoping I could ride through these feelings which in itself added to the amounting issue at hand. 

Last month I mentally crashed, one last event broke the camel's back. I've never experienced an episode that bad in my life. Weeks later I am still recovering from it and beginning to pick up the pieces. I am okay, I thankfully have a wonderful support system helping me out- and art has been a therapeutic escape for me. 

Before I elaborate how this will effect the shop, I do want to express how important self care is. Whatever it is can wait- you are so important and we have to be kind and gentle with ourselves. If you've been looking for a sign to ask for help or rekindle your self care journey, this is it. 

Sole proprietor artists- there is no long term reward in overworking yourself. It is extremely important to have work, life balance by setting hours and boundaries for yourself just as you would a mainstream job, this includes admin work and emails. The first tinges of art-block and burn-out should be treated as a big flashing sign to slow down or switch up your methods.

I have been doing this for over five years now, I have worked almost everyday including weekends and it has definitely caught up to me. 'Workaholicsm' as some may say, but there is nothing virtuous about that label, like any addiction it is self destructing. Please be kind to yourself, you have to remember that you are wearing a plethora of 'hats' that would typically have at least one person working each singular role (i.e. creation, design, customer service, site development, shipping, material sourcing, photography, social media etc.). Working within a healthy structure will most importantly yield a healthier you, an art journey with longevity and more creative energy! 

Things around Hoshiikins will be a little slower, especially during the month of April as I reorganize and recoup here and my personal life. I am emailing those of you with open projects with me with updates as needed, but please feel free to email me at anytime with questions or concerns! If I missed your email during March, I kindly request that you resend it as it may have gotten lost.

I look forward to feeling well enough again to be able to return to social media in a healthy manner as I truly do miss interacting more personally with you all! While I've only had the chance to begin practicing a proper work schedule the past couple weeks, I've already begun to feel like I did back when I first started Hosh! 💛

Lastly, I can't overstate how much your support means to me! Hoshiikins wouldn't be here without you, I can't wait to share new works with you soon! 















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