April's Calendar

2nd, 9th, 16th, (None on 23rd), 30th - Surprise Release
Bespoke Cow & Auction Posting Timeframe - April 4-5th Daytime CT

Custom Slot Auction Posting - 24th-26th

Main Release - April 25th 1PM CT


We've made it to April! I hope you are all holding up as well as you can! 

Some news: 

-We are now doing one item (Ears or Toebeans) per month rule across the board to simplify things and try to make them as fair as possible, I want everyone to have a fair chance! Please note Auctions will continue to be exempt from these rules. So if you purchase a April Surprise Release item for example, you may also participate in the April Bespoke, Custom, OOAK, etc. Auctions!

-The Main Release is going to be on April 25th! I deeply appreciate your understanding in this change. I decided to do this as it felt inappropriate to host a release earlier on for many obvious reasons. The 25th date is 'set in stone' unless the post office situation changes, which I do not foresee!

-Shipping times for ears this month will be slower, I'm doing once a week trips to the post office now, limiting how much I go out in accordance to the stay at home order! 

-Cleanliness is my highest priority! I have and will continue frequently deep cleaning my studio space, for the near future no one but myself will be using the space, and I also have and will continue wearing a respirator mask (primarily for loose fibers and fumes) during every make for those who are concerned! 


If you have any other concerns feel free to contact me at hoshiikins@gmail.com! 

Meanwhile creation will continue on, I do deeply appreciate your patience during all of this. I will start to roll out previews for the Main Release starting this upcoming week, it's going to be spring themed! I do also want to thank you for your patience in general, as time has gone on, my pieces continue to add to the time they take to create. I've also become more critical, for example most of the new patterns you see have many more failed prototypes behind them. I just want the best for you all! I will do my best to find a middle ground when it comes to my main instagram though, I know I have a bad habit of posting infrequently due to feeling insecure, always thinking I can do better and to wait until I'm there, which is a bad cycle..! 


I do also want to take a moment to send a sincere thank you to all those who have an continue to support my work, especially now. I'm constantly feeling so blessed and humbled to have such an amazing support network like you! 

I hope you have a wonderful week, thank you for reading!



















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