Dec. 3rd Update

 If you’re reading this I deeply appreciate you!
I wanted to take a moment to add a message to why things have been a bit slow these past few months and why I’m taking an unexpected mental health break this week. 

 I’ve been working hard to finish moving in to my new place with my partner this past week and have finally gotten most of our things moved in and immediate repairs finished. It feels so nice to be settled after being in a transition phase for the past six months. I have yet to finish setting up my new workroom / studio which I’m excited to share with you on Instagram within the next week. This will be the first time I have a solely dedicated space for my work as I first started in my parent’s dining room, then to half of my bedroom, a shared office with my partner and now my own dedicated workroom! This is six years in the making so I couldn’t be more excited to finally share my set-up and have more opportunities for creativity. 

tw - mental health talk 

 This new space will also be healing for my mental health as well. I’m still working through my recent OCD diagnosis which I’m only finding out I’ve had lived with since I was a teenager and has been slowly getting worse until it’s ‘peak’ this year. It’s been an incredibly difficult journey, especially this past year with all the life changes and moves. I have luckily found a therapist that has been helping me a lot, and I hope to share more about my experience soon. 


 While this year has definitely been more outwardly subdued work-wise, I couldn’t be more thankful for your kindness, patience and understanding during these past few months. I can’t thank you enough for your support that has allowed me to continue to do what I love for a living. I want to make sure I continue pouring my best into my work so I’ll be seeing you next week all ready to go!

Thank you dearly! Happy Holidays! 
💛 Sam

Spoilers below, if you’re curious to know part of the Surprise Release next week!




Toasted Marshmallow themed Squirrel & Raccoon will feature next week alongside the other planned pieces which are still in progress! A lot of you have requested velvet bows to be available separately and that is in the works! Stay tuned! 💛


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