December Calendar

  3rd, 7th, 17th, 24th (31st Lucky Draw)- Surprise Release*

Bespoke Floppy Pup & Auction Posting Timeframe - 26th-27th Daytime CT

Custom Ears Slot Auction- January 2-3rd



Happy Holidays everyone! We've made it! 

You may have noticed an asterisk next to Surprise Release up on the calendar- it's because we'll be doing something different this month! This month, Surprise Releases will have ears (and sometimes toebeans and tails!) available for best offer. The entire weekly offering will be posted at a given time on the header bar per usual, but will remain open into each following weekend to close on Sunday evenings. 

The holiday season has been especially notorious for scalpers; last year I witnessed too many incidents and people having to seek out their dream ears from them. I am hoping that this change will allow a more relaxed and available atmosphere for you- that you'll have an opportunity to get that special gift for a loved one or yourself! 

For those who haven't participated in my best offer listings before- as stated above, look out for my site's header bar every Thursday (dates listed in calendar) for the time that the ears will be posted. Listings will be live through the following Sunday, so if you're busy on Thursday, no worries! Simply click on the listing to find the Google Form link in the description, there will be further instruction there. It should only take a couple minutes at most to fill out and submit.

The one-per month rule will stand will Best Offer listings to remain as fair. Pieces offered via Silent Auction are still the only exemption to the one-per rule and are only posted on the Silent Auction tab of the site to prevent confusion. For example, if you win a Best Offer pair December 1st, you may still bid (and win) the Silent Auction for the Bespoke, and OOAK, etc. the same month! 

I will be doing wrap-ups again on my Instagram, most likely @hoshiikinsshop but  perhaps my main. Keep an eye out for that and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!


The annual end-of-year wrap-up survey is in the works and will be live mid-December. I will again be offering free bows (with purchase) upon completion, so keep an eye out for that! 


I also have several new stickers, keychains, coasters, etc. that are being made or in the process of shipping right now! I will list them as I receive them so keep an eye out for that too! I finally feel the awful depressed artblock cloud of 2020 clearing so I've been getting a lot of creating done recently! 


Lastly, I will be doing a personal write-up towards the end of this month talking about my experiences running Hoshiikins this year, things I've learned, goal list for 2021 and generally things to come (proper studio finally happening!!)! I don't want to jinx it knowing how most of us were confident about 2020 being our best year ever, but I am feeling cautiously optimistic in my heart for 2021.


As always, stay tuned! Thank you so very much for your continued support, wishing you all a blessed and safe holiday season! 

💛 Sam



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