February 2019

Heya! I just wanted to drop in a quick update to keep you in the loop, along with a preliminary schedule for the next few weeks. 


-No BYO listings this month, Petite BYO will be moved to March granted that the timeline goes according to plan. I will keep you updated either way! 

-No Surprise Release on the 28th 


-No Surprise Release on the 7th, we’ll be road-tripping to Texas then!

-Custom Ear Listing up for Auction on the 10th, please note that this slot may have a longer processing time as I may not have access to all my supplies until a week or so later! 

-Surprise Releases will be restart on the 14th, they’ll start out small as I’ll be organizing my new workshop!

-Petite BYO, if everything goes according to plan it will be posted sometime AFTER the 16th- just a friendly heads up if you want to check the site for it

-Main Release at the end of the month, again if everything goes to plan


-Fingers crossed that everything returns to normal and great things start to happen! 

-Piglet BYO

-Custom Ear Listing up for Auction (TBD)

-Main Release

What is going on? I am moving to Texas!

This move happened pretty unexpectedly so I have been having to scramble and figure things out as I go along. The decision was made to be closer to family and to tie some loose ends, along with it being much more affordable- which will allow me to have a proper workspace / studio and a better quality of life for Hoshiiko (my bunny). I would be lying if I said I wasn't super stressed, but I am determined to see this though and I know it will be for the best in the end. 

What does this mean for the shop? 

While the storefront will remain open, there will be some differences while I go through this move. Please refer to the schedule above! There will also be a delay in any accessory orders made while I'm headed to Texas, it will be stated on the site header as well. Messages may be slow, but I will be checking on my email during my trip there. Instagram updates will be paused until I am able to work again. Personal messages may be delayed as I’m running a tight schedule during this move, I hope you understand and I’ll get back to you soon! 

Then what?

Once my living situation is organized, I will be unpacking my art supplies first as I am already itching to get back into the swing of things! With my new workspace, I will be able create a lot more and be a lot more productive- which means more ears! I also have a lot of exciting designs currently awaiting creation that I am excited for you all to see. I will also be able to make tails again and maybe even do livestreams, yay! Once I am settled, I will be applying for some conventions and keep you updated on that as well. 

I’ll also be holding a giveaway for ears then as well! Stay tuned!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this. I know it's a lot and unexpected, but I appreciate you following along on my journey. Any further updates will be added below this. 

Love, Sam

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