February's Calendar

February 2021
  4th, 11th, 18th, 26th- Surprise Release

No Bespoke This Month! Vote Below for March!

March 6th-7th Custom Slot Silent Auction



Hiya all! I hope you are staying warm! 

I want to take a moment to send another big thank you to all the kind emails and messages checking up on me after Hoshiiko's passing. I am doing better and taking things day by day, I've slowly been able to look through albums of his pictures again and hope to share some of my favorites with you soon!

Notes for this month:

There will be a Lucky Draw on the 26th (last Thursday of the month) per usual! I hope you enjoy the themed ears I have planned this month for the Best Offer Surprise Releases.  💘

Valentine's Bows, these kind of fell to the wayside during my recovery. I know a lot of you enjoy them and I will still put at least one batch up, even if it comes after Valentine's Day. I will let you know! (edit: most likely March 4th alongside the Surprise Release)

Bespoke, there will be no Bespoke listing this month as I will be taking some time to slowly mull through my taxes, least favorite time of the year but I'm determined not to procrastinate again! I made a little poll if you'd like to have a say in March's pattern! ( https://strawpoll.com/v6by267ph )

Lastly, I will be taking a small break at the last week of this month to help out some family members! I will still be accessible via email if needed, just a heads up!

Thank you so much for your patience during this time, I'm feeling very optimistic for the future- good things are coming! 

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 

💕 Sam








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