January's Calendar

January 2021
  7th, 14th, 21st, 28th- Surprise Release*

Bespoke Cow & Piglet Posting Timeframe - 23rd & 24th Daytime CT

Custom Ears Slot Auction- 30th-31st



Happy 2021 everyone! 🎊

Firstly I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over 2020, whether it was a kind message, a 'like' or financial support- it means everything to me. Hoshiikins would not be here without you! 

Five years of Hoshiikins! It's weird thinking I can now state I have five plus years of experience creating ears. This year I definitely want to create a post about how this all came to be and my story! 

My goals for 2021 include finally being able to do to the move I wanted to do last year before the pandemic struck- this would entail a larger workspace and one that I want to be able to do videos and such in! Hone in on work / life balance for real this year, I'm guilty that I still work on Hosh every day and it's on my mind from the moment I wake up. I also want to make some helpful posts addressed to fellow creatives out there about that and share some of the hard lessons I've learned through my time so far. In the same vein I would love to get back into social media and learn to have a healthy relationship with it again, I miss being more in contact with you all!


Now onto the January news! 

The 2021 survey is hereHoshiikins 2021! (google.com)

You get a free bow (with purchase) upon completion! This survey helps me to get a better idea of what you enjoy and would like to see this year! 

I do want to make a note on the results of the 'Best Offer December' Surprise Release event last month and how I plan to go forward. It made me very happy hearing positive feedback from many of you regarding it, the most common being how it alleviated stress from not having to worry about timing or potential bots.  It felt that way from my side too, it was refreshing getting to create without worrying about bots and scalpers. It was also great to see so many new faces participating and even getting their first pair! 

For the time being I will be extending this into January! I feel like this is a good solution for the reasons stated above among other things that I've been trying to work out over the past year (January 2020's post). I have been sketching up some plans over the holiday break as well for some coordinated mini-series and maybe even a set!

I will still have the Lucky Draws (which happen the last Thursday of every month) and my other offerings for those interested! 

Stay tuned for Valentine's Day themed items, I do want to stay one step ahead of the holidays this year. There will be a new form up soon for requests and such if you'd like to see something in particular! 

That's about it for January news for now- I'm looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us! Again a big thank you to for your support and taking the time to read this! 

With love, 

Sam & Hoshiiko


p.s. I'm still catching up on emails and such from December, if you haven't received a reply by 1/12, please resend it! 

p.s. #2 - Bunny Update! Hoshiiko is doing good lately! I've been doing a lot of reading and consulting with my vet on caring for senior rabbits and it's helped a lot. He's been dealing with arthritis in his hips / legs that affect his mobility, he has his good days and his difficult ones. The important part is that he is on the best medication for it and he is spoiled with love and favorite snacks every day! I felt very blessed to ring in the new year with him, he's been my best friend for over a decade now! Thank you to all who've asked about him! 



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