January's Calendar

Happy New Year from Hoshii and I! ✨

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your support over 2019, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you! 

 I'll be catching up on emails made over the holiday season starting today, thank you so much for your patience!

 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th  - Surprise Release (2-3 Items, See Header Bar)
30th-31st (Daytime CT)- Timeframe for Bunny Bespoke & Auction 
Custom Ears Slot - 25th 

Main Release January 26th


First bout of business, our yearly survey is up! Many of you have already responded with I'm deeply grateful for. You can view it here if you haven't done so -the form will be open until the end of the month.

The responses so far have been quite interesting! This year Feline is slightly beating out Canine for 'Favorite Species for Ears', compared to Canine winning over Feline in 2019! The most interesting segment for me has been the current result of the question to do away with the Surprise Releases or not- at the writing of this post we're at 75% voting to do away with it! 

For this month, I'll keep Surprise Releases but plan to start tapering them off. My current plan is to perhaps make it two items per week, and an one piece per every two months rule for it, but that may prove more complicated than it's worth. It's true that Surprise Releases have taken away from more Main Releases, but Main Releases are also stressful- dealing with so many ears at once is a lot to handle. 

The elephant in the room for switching back to only Main Releases would (potentially) reintroduce a problem that started the Surprise Releases in the first place- timed releases are an improbability for many due to several factors such as inaccessibility to quick devices, inconvenient dates, the stress of it all and the looming question of bots. We'll see how the tapering goes, and see how the January release will play into this and go from there. I'll keep you all updated in how we'll be going into February regarding this.

I've also had quite a few suggestions for raffles that you would pay into, I cannot do this as it is illegal to do so in most states, including my own, as it falls under gambling.

As for random draw 'lotteries', we have tried that once last year and I'm still a bit torn on whether to do so again. While the form required a log-in and was only one-per account, I found out after the fact that several people entered many times using alternate email accounts and it was easy to do this since the form (understandably) remained open for a couple hours. There was also a case of someone winning the draw, but then immediately turning around and offering it to the highest bidder. I feel like in theory this might've been a great alternative option during releases but the risk of abuse is too high compared to options like surprise releases with small time windows. I'll see about giving it one more try, if you have a suggestion to how I can make this work better just let me know! 

I hope this is all making sense so far! I do not want this post to have a negative tone to it, I'd just like to explain and hopefully answer some frequently asked suggestions. Your suggestions mean a lot to me and I want you to know I'm hearing you out! 

I had a lot of you mention how they are enjoying the continued BYOs (Bespoke) and that they would like some more! That made me very happy to hear, and I'll definitely see about adding some more. If the Surprise Releases system ultimately ends up finishing, I'll certainly fill the gap with more Bespoke! Reminder that I do offer a schedule and reveal the pattern every month in this New's section of the site!

As for Silent Auctions, I also really appreciate all the positive feedback provided on them! I had someone request the potential to be able to change your bid and I definitely will work on that! What I'll do is most likely have a system where I'll offer a checkbox on the form if you'd like to be contacted to adjust your bid if you're a runner up. I'll also be incorporating more Silent Auctions in tandem with Main Releases for the more intricate items, and perhaps one or two Pre-Orders for popular patterns that happen to be in the releases such as the Latte design. This way if you miss out on the Main Release, you could pop over to the Silent Auction tab and still have a chance for a piece! I also had a suggestion about offering notification emails for auctions, and that's something I definitely want to do! I'll work on that this month and hopefully have a box somewhere on the Silent Auction tab for that.

I'll also be making a more accessible 'Suggestions' tab very soon for the website so you may easily request which ears you'd like to see! That should be up in the next week or so. 

A big suggestion in the accessory department was more bows! I'm so excited that you all enjoy the bows so much, and your request will be granted! I should have more colors up by the end of the month, I'll also be bringing back the Valentine's Bows soon as well. I also saw your suggestions for things such as charms, more pins, stickers and the such and I'll start working on that too! 

I do want to take a moment to send my more heartfelt thank you to all those who wrote the sweetest messages, I read every one! You've already got my year off to a wonderful start and I can't thank you enough! 😭✨

Finally, a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in my survey so far! I know I didn't get to address everyone's suggestions here but I've read all of them and will be thinking on each. I may just be one person and her bunny behind Hosh, but it means so much that we have such a lovely community here, I'm always so humbled and grateful for the progress we've made the past four years!

Reminder you may redeem your free bow anytime between now and March with your next order! 

Have a wonderful January! 
















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