June Calendar

 13th, 20th, 27th - Surprise Release
9th-15th - Timeframe for Terrier Bespoke + Auction Posting
16th-22nd - Timeframe for Petite Bespoke + Auction Posting
28th - Custom Ear Slot
Mini Release TBD


Hi all! 

Thanks for hanging in there for the website update! 

For those who were having trouble creating their account, that issue should now be resolved. Due to this being a new layout, there may be some small areas I may still need to work on, so please bear with me! 

If you have any suggestions for any additional information or sections you'd like to see on this website please let me know! Some new places include a dedicated Ear, Tail & Toebean Care page, a 'dictionary', and a Silent Auction FAQ page which had been requested.

With this out of the way, I will be returning to full time ear making! 

Have a wonderful month! Thanks for your support!

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