June Update

Edit 6/24 - Note that I’m still working on a couple more emails, so don’t worry if you have an open order (not placed recently) and haven’t received the message. Thank you for your patience. No SR this week or next, TBD on July but I’ll be putting a calendar up! 

Hi all! 

I hope you are well! 

This is an update that is more of a impromptu necessity. I have been continuing to work on my mental health and will need to press on the brakes for a short time to pursue it further. I will be taking a break for the next two weeks but will still be available (albeit slower) via email. After those two weeks, I will be working solely on finishing up my existing orders before taking on any more projects. This means Surprise Releases, Bespoke, Auctions, etc will all be on hold for the time being. I will be resuming my Pride pieces towards mid-late July, and the donation to the Trevor Project will still be made once those are all rolled out. 

Those with existing orders that are due in the near future or customs will be receiving an email in the next week or two with this update and we can personally discus in case of any concerns. Please be patient with me, I deeply appreciate your understanding and want to ensure I’m putting my best forward into each project. 

I realized I’ve been trying to rush my recovery which has made some things worse over time. I know I haven’t had the mental energy to even do my usual write-ups or even restart my social media. I want to make sure I’m at a point where I’m on more solid ground again. 

Again I deeply appreciate your support and understanding during this time! Follow my Instagram @hoshiikins @hoshiikinssshop to see when I start creating new projects again! 💛



Take as long as you need, Sam. Things get worse much more quickly than they improve, and I don’t think most of us want to push you like that. Just a suggestion….but I think considering long-term closure should never be off the table. An artist should never be trapped by their work, and you have to ask; is hoshiikins giving you what you need as a person to thrive?

Just one small voice, but I hope the message gives your situation some peace.


Hi, hope you are doing great i send love and support from france ! 🇨🇵❤ i am new to know your shop, si i was wondering some few things, first do you ship in france or course, and second i ve felt in love with your german shepherd and kinda husky work ! I was searching for that kind of set for soooo long but i arrived too late for yours… so do you take customs ? Maybe i would keep so money those months so if you do again ones like those i would be the first to run there ! I hope my english is good and hope maybe someday if you came back with those, wearing tour creations would be an honor.

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