June's Calendar

 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th - Surprise Release
Bespoke Fox & Auction Posting Timeframe - 13-14th Daytime CT

Custom Slot Auction Posting - 27th

Main Release - TBA


Hiya everyone! I can't believe we're already headed into summer! 

A quick note about May's calendar, I appreciate your understanding regarding it! I had several issues that I've just finished fixing so I've laid it to rest and move onto this month. 

I hope everyone has been as well as they can be during this time! I look forward to what June has in store for us. I am currently working on a release for late June or early July, along with chugging along on customs! I will also be listing new bow colors this month such as mint and a very cute peach, along with Pride bows. 

Speaking of Pride, I am working on several Pride themed Toebeans that will be in the next Main Release (TBA, see Instagram). I will also be making Pride themed ears for this month's Surprise Releases (every Thursday)- I will place which flag it will be based off of in my header ahead of time! 

 (To be continued, going to add a personal update over the weekend but want to make sure I get these dates out to you all!)





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