March's Calendar

 5th, 12th, 19th - Surprise Release (2-3 Items, See Header Bar!)
Bespoke Cow & Auction Posting Timeframe - April 4-5th Daytime CT
Custom Toebean Auction - 14th

Custom Slot Auction Posting - 28th

Main Release - 28th Time TBA


Happy Spring! 

Popping in to bring you the latest! The most important piece of news this month is a new rule change.

From this month onwards, you may only successfully purchase from the Surprise Release or the Main release once a month, this includes Toebeans, Ears and Tails! 

Please note, I may be adding Bespoke listings to this rule starting April, making it an easy one piece per month across the board. But I will be asking you all about what you think about that, my only hesitation being that Bespoke listings are different.

Reminder that Auctions / Best Offer pieces have been and will continue to be exempt from these rules!

This move was due to popular request, and a desire to allow everyone a fair chance! I deeply cherish and value all the loyal customers out there and appreciate you so much, I hope you will understand this move! At the end of the day there its only me, and pieces continue to take longer to make the more I develop them, the last thing I want to do is rush pieces..! 

I am currently working on the late March release, it will be mostly pastel colors. I will be previewing them on my Instagram soon! I am also working on side projects again such as new stickers, keychains, etc. Stay tuned! 

Please stay safe out there! Take care!

💕 Sam













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