November + December 2018

Happy Holidays! 
I hope you are staying safe and warm! 
Some quick prefaces, if you haven't already, please participate in the end of the year survey! It'd be a huge help and will help optimizing my workflow for the upcoming year. 
I will be going through each the reply over the Christmas break, if you've left an email I may be getting to you then! Thank you!
Hoshiikins will be going on a Christmas break from the 21st to the 2nd! The website will be closed down for major renovations and a complete revamp (which is one of the reasons I've been more quiet lately, working very hard on it!). There will be no BYO release this month, the Husky BYO will be moved to January. If you have an open order with me, I will still be active behind the scenes if you need to contact me, the break applies more to the 'front-end' of things. Email and Etsy contact will be delayed due to the holidays.
Tying the two together, please let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular added to the website via the survey- whether it be entire sections or a particular accessory you've been looking for. 2018 has definitely been a year of learning and growing both business-wise and also personally, I'm very excited to apply all I've learned into 2019!
I will create a full write up of updates, changes and 2019 goals (I already have a lot!) upon the website relaunch to keep you in the loop! 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for this year of growth! 
Let's make 2019 the year of prosperity! 

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