November's Calendar

Hope you are staying warm and cozy! 
Here is this month's calendar- a few key notes is that there will be no SR on the 14th due a hectic week, and that the end of the month custom auction is the last opportunity to have a guaranteed Christmas delivery (for North Americans). 
Reminder that the Wolf Bespoke will be available via auction only, Floppy Pup will be available through traditional Bespoke slots and auction as well.
Please also keep in mind as we ease later into this month, the postal system will start slowing as well due to holiday volume and weather delays- I will be staying on top of this and update when needed! 
Those enamel pins I keep talking about will also be available later this month, so exciting! I can't wait to show you all! 
Take care, thanks for reading! 
 7th, (appointment week, no SR on 14th), 21st, 28th   - Surprise Release
22nd-24th - Timeframe for Floppy Pup & Wolf + Auction Posting
Custom Ears Slot - November 30th (For Delivery by Christmas!)

Main Release December

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