October 2018

Happy Halloween! 
I've decided to make this newsletter a monthly wrap-up of sorts, so now these will go out at the end of each month!
What's new?
Auctions! With a few hiccups and some trial and error, we finally have launched a streamline Auction page, located next to the Gallery tab. 
We decided to do this 'silent auction' style as it's more relaxed for everyone, maintains privacy to those who desire it, and has so far curbed a lot of abuse that had been occurring on our traditional auction attempts. If you have any feedback regarding how we can further improve on these auctions, please feel free to click on the 'feedback' link at the bottom bar of the site! 
For now, things like specialty Toebeans, extra BYO Slots, perhaps future surprise custom slots will be housed there, I still plan to use eBay for specialty ears and sets, unless I get a lot of requests to do those silent auction style as well! 
As always, I am extremely grateful for all your support and for all the requests for the Auction section! Hopefully this will help out those who don't like time-based releases, the funds made from these auctions will be going directly to supplies, travel funds to be able to go to conventions further out and a little studio fund! 
Looking forward, November will be prep for the Christmas season! Time sure does fly..! 
I will be launching the bigger bow size sometime in the middle of the month, again, a big thank you to those who voted in the Instagram poll for that. 
I also hope to have some sort of giftwrap option on several items, I am always open to suggestions for that and for Christmas-y ears, Toebeans, etc! 
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I do hope to make room for a few custom slots for Christmas delivery which will most likely be placed in the silent auction page. 
Lastly, I do want to make note that I may be moving in the next couple months and that's why I will be cautious and taking things a bit slower than last season as I may temporarily lose access to some or all of my equipment.
I know it's a bit early to say, but I am extremely excited for 2019 for Hoshiikins as I feel like I'll finally be able to fully spread my wings then! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
Stay safe and take care!

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