September 2018

Reminder that the new one-per month rule for the Surprise Releases goes into place this month onward! 
I'll also be allowing order cancellations within one hour- meaning your email must be timestamped as such for it to work. I understand that purchases can be made in the heat of the moment, and I'd rather it go back up instead of being used as trade bait or immediately resold. 
Happy Autumn! 
I hope things are starting to cool down and relax for you! 
Some things to look forward to this month-
Autumn and Halloween themed items! I hope to create a nice variety of creepy cute to gore-y ears, and everything in between. I am always open to your suggestions! 
I also hope to continue increasing the amount of Premium Build-Your-Own listings beginning this month and onward. September's pattern is Chipmunk/Skunk, but I may see about adding another option in there as well. 
I am also looking into ways of diversifying releases to hopefully allow those who haven't had a chance to snag a pair of ears an easier go at it. I completely understand the frustrated messages I have received and I do hear you! 
This brings me to my next point- I hope to diminish part of this problem by further cracking down on ToS violations, starting to include those who have shown a constant pattern of receiving an item then trading or reselling it. 
I completely understand that sometimes an item does not work out, but repeatedly doing so with almost every item you receive is not fair to others. 
Lastly, I will be setting up a no-reply feedback email or Google Docu very soon for a more streamline way of submitting ear suggestions, general improvements, constructive criticism and etc!

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