September’s Calendar

  3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th- Surprise Release

Bespoke Petites & Auction Posting Timeframe - 19th-20th Daytime CT

Custom Slot Auction Posting - 26th 

Main Release - October 3 or 4 (Will Do Vote)


Hiya hiya! 

Release timeframe has been announced! It will be a mixture of naturals & Halloween themes! I also have some special pieces in the works for the month of October. 

I’ve been continuing my work on the bot issue, I’m currently testing out a fix (recommended by Shopify) over this next month that will hopefully do the trick- which is also why I’m holding off until October for the a main release to ensure I have a solid plan in place and any bugs squashed. The release may have a mixture of release style such as traditional (speed based, if the bot fix works), ‘Lucky Draw’, and Best Offer, I’ll be more specific as we get closer!

On the topic of Best Offer, I will be trying that out this month too.  There will be clear difference between Best Offer and my Silent Auctions in style and pieces offered. Silent Auctions will remain as they are, Best Offer will not share that page nor offer things like OOAK or Customization. I plan to host Best Offer(s) as a more relaxed front page shopping experience where you can fully browse said pair(s) and place an offer on your favorite at your leisure. I’m also hoping that this will curb the ongoing issue of scalping (via bots) and gatekeeping, it’s been increasingly demoralizing witnessing the exploit of my work and exploit of those simply wanting their favorite pair that they might’ve not been quick enough for. 

I have been asking around and in discussion with many regarding feedback such as the above and I hope it shows! I’m determined to offer the best experience I can and continue offering a system ultimately ends in ears going to loving homes! A big thank you to all who’ve been providing me constructive feedback!

New Halloween accessories are up! I will be posting a few more Halloween bows and charms closer to October, I’m currently designing some winter (coughpeekaboocough) stickers and such too! Packages will come in festive wrapping starting this month and include a free Halloween Hoshiikins pin starting next week (orders placed after the 10th!)

Sending some warm autumn vibes! Thank you as always for taking the time to read this and for supporting my art! 🎃💕



p.s a sweet hello from the feline department of Hosh! 












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