Spring 2022 Custom's Opening

Hi all! 

Long time no talk! I'm very excited to be letting you know I'll be opening several custom slots on March 25th- read on if you are interested! 

This time, I will be trying a batch system to work better with my creative flow. There will be a couple other changes, mostly minor which will be highlighted in the custom's form. 

I will be offering one Toebean, two ear-only customs and one full ear and tail set custom with tentative completions around June (I am hoping to offer customs alongside the seasons, so next offering opening in June for summertime!). These slots will be posted on the front page of my site and the Silent Auction and will be open until the 28th. Reminder since customs are offered via silent auction, you are more than welcome to still participate in my March 'Best Offers' as customs do not count towards your one-per month limit! 

On the 25th, I will also open an email line for serious custom questions as I know these projects are important and I want to be as transparent as I can with you! The email will be separate from my main shop address so I kindly ask that all customs questions go to the new one which will be posted in the custom's post.

I am hoping this system will improve on my prior one and be beneficial to both parties! Now that I have a stable situation, I'm hoping to make better plans not only for my customs but across the board. I just kindly request your continued patience, as it's still just me behind the scenes! 

For those interested in what's going on in the personal side of things, stay tuned for blog posts returning next month! 

Thanks as always for continuing to follow my art journey, whether you've been on board the past 6 years or just today, I deeply appreciate you! 

💛 Sam


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