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Heads up that this post mentions pet passing and a medical situation involving elder family that may be upsetting to those sensitive to these topics. I’ll leave a summary without those topics down below. 


Hi again all, 

Sadly my grandma passed away this past week. She is no longer in pain and lived a long life (almost 90) but it’s still tough to process. She was such an inspiration to me, she was such a strong, lovely and wonderfully sassy woman. Her and my late grandpa immigrated from Mexico together and went through so much to give their future kids a better life. I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for them. I find comfort that she is reunited with him and her late children, and that her memory will live on. 

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read this and for all the kind, supportive messages during this time.

Shop Updates;

SRs should return to normal next week, starting on Fridays again. I placed the last premade pair I had left up for this week. 

Customs are still in progress

Emails are backlogged, I deeply appreciate your understanding with this situation. I will be working through them starting Monday. If you don’t receive a reply next week please resend! 

💛 Sam

Hi all! 

 I wanted to update you and let you know why things have continued to be a bit slower and quieter than I had hoped for recently. Unfortunately, one of my childhood cats, Fuzzle, passed away suddenly due to a blood clot about a week and a half ago. It was really difficult to hear and not being there (he lived with my parents) to say goodbye, especially since it’s been just a year since I’ve said goodbye to Hoshiiko. 

 Just yesterday, I found out my grandma has been put on a ventilator after struggling with heart issues the past month and being in and out of the hospital for that. We’re all hoping for the best but it’s a really tough and complicated situation (including familial-wise which I won’t go into here). Prayers and well wishes for her are deeply appreciated. 

It’s been a bit of a case of ‘when it rains it pours’- so very emotionally draining the past couple weeks. Things may be slow (outwardly) for awhile longer but I’m thankful to have art to keep me busy and distracted. I am still working on pieces behind the scenes and attending to emails, and I deeply appreciate your patience and kindness with me during this slower time! 


Shop Updates Below: 

April 16th SR moved to the 18th (Monday) 5PM CT*

I’m a bit behind on my SR pieces, meaning pieces I wanted to go out last week are coming this week. Easter pairs may be continuing a couple weeks after Easter! 

Blog posts returning May (instead of this month) 

Customs are still in progress, due to the estimated make time there shouldn’t be a delay 

Emails will be slow, if I haven’t replied to you in a week and a half please resend it! Thank you for your understanding!

* I will make sure to post them on Instagram while they are live as the schedule is off for the time being! Please ensure you have notifs on for my page as you know how the algorithm can be sometimes! 

Thank you dearly for all your support, as always! 💛






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So sorry to hear about what’s going on, sending hugs and best wishes to you<3

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