February Update!

Goodmorning, afternoon or evening! ✨

This post will regard an update to my moving situation-

To put it shortly, things have definitely not gone according to plan, but everything happens for a reason, right? I write this from an Internet cafe as I am currently still without proper dwelling and possession, I won’t lie, this has been one of the most difficult times of my life. A family emergency, an unexpected move, an uncertain date that kept getting pushed, living out of a hotel, unable to work due to my life being packed away, it definitely isn’t glamorous or enjoyable. But, with this conundrum I have learned a lot about myself, and how much this niche artform means to me. 

SO, that brings me to today. Right now my biggest obstacle-and the reason I haven’t been active-is I do not have access to my belongings which includes my tools and fur. The update I received today is that Thursday will be the day, Friday by the absolute latest. Obviously this steamrolls some of my original plans, so please read below on my updated plans!


-Surprise Release on the 28th, no more pushbacks, I WILL make this happen! 

-Petite BYO will be posted sometime between the 24-30th 

-No Main Release, I do not want to rush it as I also have to set up my new workshop. Instead I will be moving these ears to the April Release and Surprise Releases.


-Fingers crossed that everything returns to normal and great things start to happen! Edit: Everything under this is still the same!

-Piglet BYO

-Custom Ear Listing up for Auction (TBD)

-Main Easter Release


I will also start catching up on messages starting today (feel free to remessage or bump it), again I really appreciate your patience with this whole situation! My sketchbook is full of ideas ready to happen!

Wishing you the best!


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I’ve been looking at your products for almost an entire year now, but I sadly never have the money to buy a pair of your ears. I really wish I could purchase a custom slot though, because your pieces are SO PRETTY ;^;

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