(tw pet loss) 


Thank you all for your support over the last week, especially those who sent the kindest messages, I am so incredibly thankful for this wonderful community. Hoshii went to the rainbow bridge on Friday the 22nd surrounded with love until the very end. I will make that special memorial post soon once I'm more through with the grieving process as it's still a very tender subject for me. 

I have started to resume work today and will slowly return to my typical workload to ensure I don't overextend myself. I am working through backlogged emails and I kindly ask for your continued patience.

-Orders are being shipped slowly but surely! 

-SR Lucky Draw still scheduled for 28th (tentative on best offer ears, those will definitely return for the 4th as I have a small collection of Valentine's themed pairs)

-Bespoke Cow & Piglet still scheduled for this weekend (29th / 30th)

-Customs still scheduled for this weekend (29th / 30th)

Thank you again all for all the love sent to Hoshii and me, wishing you all the best 

Hi all, 

I’m really heart broken to be writing this but I’ll be having to say goodbye to my baby boy Hoshiiko very soon. I’ve been anticipating this for the past six months due to his old age and developing conditions. I’ve been holding onto hope but yesterday’s vet appointment has confirmed to me that it’s time. I’m so thankful I got to celebrate Christmas and the the new year with him, but this still has hit me like a load of bricks, he’s been by my side since I was 13 and through the hardest times of my life. I am going to be at his side until the end and then taking some days to mourn.
I kindly ask for your patience during this time, thank you so much for your understanding. Hoshii will live on through Hoshiikins and our hearts, he will be able to binky freely again. In time I hope to have a memorial page on here for him. 

As of 1/21

SR pieces moved to next week (tentative)

Bespoke Cow & Piglet moved to 30th/31st (custom weekend will remain the same)

Outstanding orders are still in their queue but will be delayed 

Orders awaiting shipping / dropoff  will be out no later than Tuesday (my sis is coming to help)

Email replies will be slow, if something is urgent please tag it as so in the subject line and I’ll get to it ASAP



Sorry to hear, I lost a couple pets last year as well and it’s always hard. Understand the feeling, Sending positive thoughts and best wishes to you<3


I’m so sorry Sam. I know Hoshiiko has had an amazing life with you and he knows how much you love him. Sending hugs. ❤️


Hey sweetie sending my love and sending you strength to get through this im so sorry things progressed this way, but im so happy you have had them this long they lived q happy bunny life 🥺💕💕 much love -kit


Sending lots of love and positivity your way, hon. May Hoshiiko rest peacefully <3

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