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Zoom Bespoke Baby Bat

Bespoke Baby Bat

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Baby Bat (2.25")
The perfect, perky daily-wears!
Please read the entire listing! 
One per Account / Household / Address
No further customization than the options listed
1. Select ONE color for the outer fur
-Classic Black Standard or Extra Fluff (Model, Standard)
-Constellation Black
-Golden Honey (Light Brown)
-Ash Brown 
-Dark Brown
-Pastel Aqua (Light Minty Blue)
-Lime Green 
2. Select Front Fur Color
-White (Model)
-Grey, comes with black inner airbrushing
-Red, comes with black inner airbrushing 
3. Select up to TWO colors for the line art and shading
-Request away! As long as I have the paint color I will do it!
4. Piercings?
Yes or No
If Yes, you may choose silver or gold, up to six total. 
If you'd like more, those can be purchased in the Accessory Shop!
5. Freckles?
Yes or No
Freckles will match the color of the outer fur. Heart birthmark can be requested
6. Swarovski Tips?
Yes or No
If no specific request, a crystal will be chosen that'll best accent your ears
7. Please state a favorite color for your clip-on bows
Please reply to your order confirmation email with your selections within 48 hours!

Due to the timing of this posting, I'll be responding on Sunday


*Ears will be completed within TWO weeks (update from three!)
*Listing includes one set of personalized ears, a comb and a keepsake storage bag
*Options may not be changed once email is sent, orders are worked on in the order they were made!
*Due to the handmade nature and different fur selections, ears may differ slightly from the model. 
Bespoke Collections are always listed completely randomly in hopes for a fair chance for all! Price is higher than standard releases due to customization and expedited make-time. The October Bespoke will be Low-Sitting (aka Cow)!

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