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Closed ~ ‘Surprise Me’ Ears

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-Forms (linked below) for the Lucky Draw & Best Offer will be activated for entries right at 6PM CT

-You may enter both forms but only win one, Lucky Draw winners will be found first

-Further instruction in forms

LUCKY DRAW: Winners emailed, awaiting 1/2 replies! Thank you again to all who entered! A note of encouragement- there has always been a new name in each draw! Recently there was a winner who has been trying for the past few months! 💛

BEST OFFER: Closed! It was close! Thank you so much to all who entered! Reminder that Pine Martens will be available this weekend, and customs next week! 💛


Status: Links opening for entries at 6PM CT, Lucky Draw closes at 6:05PM CT, Best Offer closes at 7PM CT


Note: Please do not enter if you've gotten a pair of ears this release / this month!

Please respond to your order confirmation email with your selections!


1. Select Your Species: Kitten, Petite, Piglet, Baby Bat, Baby Bear, Baby Shiba, Husky Pup, Little Puppy, Pine Marten, Terrier Pup, Hyena

2. Select Your Theme:

Pastel ~ Pinks, Lavender, Baby Blue, Mint, White 

Gothic ~ Red, Navy, Greens, White, Grey, Black

Mermaid ~ Whites, Blues, Purples, Greens, Yellow

Galaxy ~ Space Themed, Black, Pinks, Blues, Purples

Natural 1 (Lighter Shades on Back) ~ White, Blonde, Cream, Honey Brown 

Natural 2 (Darker Shades on Back) ~ Black, Dark Brown, Grey 

Solid (You Can Be Specific, All One Color)

Favorite Color ~ Ears Will Prominently Feature Said Color

Holiday ~ Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s, etc

Seasons ~ Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter

(Current Special) Pokémon ~ Mention Your Favorite Pokémon! Above Pattern selection still applies!

Surprise me! ~ Leave it up to Me! 

3. Level of Accessories


Light ~ (1-3 Hoops, Swarovski Upon Request)

Moderate ~ (3-6 Hoops, Swarovski Accents)

Glamour ~ (6+ Hoops, Swarovski Accents)

All come with a set of bows, feel free to request a color you see in the shop!



Ears will be approx 2-2.5" tall and may include piercings, bows, unique markings or accessories.

All Ears come gift boxed with a comb!

Please allow up to three weeks for your ears to be made. 

Please note that Surprise Me listings are not custom listings, please only select from the selections given, no exceptions!






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