Zoom Closed! Lucky Draw ~ ‘Surprise Me’ Ears

Closed! Lucky Draw ~ ‘Surprise Me’ Ears

Closed! Lucky Draw ~ ‘Surprise Me’ Ears has been added to your cart Cart



Form Closed! 


98 entries received! I appreciate all who entered! Two winner will be emailed by 7PM CT and this post will be updated! 



Please respond to your order confirmation email with your selections!


1. Select Your Species: Kitten (2.5”), Piglet, Baby Bat, Petite, Baby Bear, Baby Shiba, Husky Pup, Little Puppy, Pine Marten or Terrier Pup

2. Select Your Theme:

Cutesy : pastel pinks, lavender, baby blues, white

Gothic : black, reds, deep colors

Realistic : natural colors

Favorite Color : ears will feature your favorite color

Surprise me! : for the adventurous spirit

3. Level of Accessories


Only a Few (i.e. two hoops and / or Swarovski Accents)

Some (3-6 hoops, Swarovski Accents)

Lots (6+ hoops, Swarovski Accents)

All come with a set of bows, feel free to request a color you see in the shop!



Ears will be approx 2-2.5" tall and may include piercings, bows, unique markings or accessories.

Please allow up to three weeks for your ears to be made. 

Please note that Surprise Me listings are not custom listings, please only select from the selections given, no exceptions!






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