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*** Updates ***

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June 27, 2018
Please note that there will be no Surprise Release on June 28th due to prep for the July 1st release!
This update is in regards to the continued and worsening problem with individuals exploiting my work (via auctions, trades, upselling, etc)
I am honestly at my wit’s end... I am not sure what to even do anymore. 
I run Hoshiikins firstly out of love, I've purposefully kept most of my prices in a fairly moderate range so a majority of you can access my work.
Continuously witnessing people exploit works that I have put hard work, love and my soul into, has sent my mental health into a spiral over the past few months and has pushed me to my limits.
Firstly, there is an even higher chance that customs will never return. I had formally been planning to reopen them in 2019, but I currently do not see that happening as I am tired of being hurt. This is a real shame as customs used to be such a joy, and for example, out of the 6 last custom orders, 2 of them became exploited thus far.
Secondly, I will start remaking items similar to those that have become exploited and that have majorly broken my Terms of Service. I am tired of people purchasing my work as some sort of 'investment' for profit when they are meant to be loved and cherished- then in turn- witnessing people who are fans of my work get taken advantage of by these people. I hope this will discourage that behavior. 
I realize this article is a bit emotionally charged, but as always, I want to remain open and honest with you. I am a sensitive person. It is still just me running Hoshiikins, I want the best for you all.
This and the below happenings have really put a damper on my creativity and output over the past couple of months. I hope this will be the last major update that I'll have to put out, and that things will begin looking up once I get my mental health back into check.
Again, I greatly appreciate the vast majority of you that respect and support my work! You are the ones that keep me going, and the ones I make my ears for. 
If you have any other ideas on how I can improve things, I am always open for advice or helpful opinions! 
Thank you for reading!
As of April 17th, Refurbish Services are CLOSED. 

This is due to multiple negative experiences in the recent months. 

I started this service up as a way to spruce up older, well-loved ears-- unfortunately there has been growing problem of the service being taken advantage of to 'flip' ears to increase their trade or sale value on the second-hand market. I have also received a few messages from people claiming to have been scammed from someone falsely advertising refurbished ears as 'brand new' or 'barely used' even though the they were years old.

I was also charging minimum wage as this was a passion project that I really enjoyed, it made me very happy re-igniting the spark of a favorite pair or the such. Seeing the refurbished ears being used as a trade token or immediately put on sale for a profit has really taken a toll on me emotionally. 

It is truly unfortunate that it has come to this. I am not sure if I will ever reopen them. 

Please note- I will still accept discussed refurbishes that were spoken for before the 17th

This is not directed at any particular individual and I am still very thankful for the lovely experiences I did have! 
May 2, 2018
Hi everyone! I thought I'd drop in and give some updates regarding Hoshiikins as it's been a little while!
First of all, I'd personally like to thank you for your continual support of my work and for sticking around. The last month has been one of struggle, but also immense growth. I have no intentions of slowing down any time soon!
Updates Below:
Customs: After months of experimenting with different methods, I've unfortunately had to come to the conclusion of closing them down. For one, I personally feel it has become too complicated all around, having to constantly update rules and shut down loop-holes has become confusing and tiring for all parties involved. Customs have also really caused me a lot of stress due to an increase of unfortunate situations-- which in turn has taken a toll on my artistic process and mental health.
I do not foresee myself reopening customs any time this year, I will instead continue making more "BYO" and Surprise-style listings-- along with using the freed up time towards making releases larger. I really appreciate your understanding, and I am eternally thankful for all the wonderful custom experiences I have had over the past two years.
Surprise Releases: Since I will be shutting down customs, I have decided to keep Surprise Releases around! Instead of the hour-long window, I will be releasing a group of items any time within Thursday (Pacific Standard Time) to hopefully allow more people to access them and truly make them a 'surprise'. Times may change over the next few months, but the Surprise Releases are here to stay! Please note that this system will restart Thursday, May 10th.
I will be setting up a suggestion section in the next week or so! 
I am also currently working on the next main release, which will most likely occur on May 19th - time TBD. Thank you!
TL;DR: Customs are closed, Surprise Releases will stay and restart on May 10th