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Surprise Release Update

Heads up that this post mentions pet passing and a medical situation involving elder family that may be upsetting to those sensitive to these topics. I’ll leave a summary without...

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Spring 2022 Custom's Opening

Hi all!  Long time no talk! I'm very excited to be letting you know I'll be opening several custom slots on March 25th- read on if you are interested!  This...

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Currently seeking out new testimonials from late 2019 onwards, especially for customs! Please email them to! Feel free to include your @, as long as it is safe for work!

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I love all the gear I own from Sam's shop. Every piece is handmade with love and much attention. Everytime I wear a pair of Hoshiikins ears I get so many compliments of how pretty the ears are! Hoshiikins is definitely my favorite shop for high quality, lovingly made gear. The range Sam offers from bows, sets, ears, and even enamel pins is wonderful! I'm so happy more people can have art from this wonderful shop. The owner is one of the sweetest people I know! Sam is very understanding and accommodating. If you want a gorgeous custom, here is the shop for you ♡


Hoshiikins is a wonderful shop run by lovely and kind hearted people. The quality of the work is amazing and just other worldly. The customer service is top notch and I feel like my needs as a costumer are valid and taken care of! I love you two, thank you again!

Amb Lala

Sam was so kind and understanding in making me this dream set. The ears/tail was stunning, soft, high quality, and adorable. The packaging was also very secure/cute. Honestly started crying when I put them on. Definitely my favorite shop. Do not hesitate to purchase from her!~

Liza Bee

Sam and her sister are just fantastic! I always trust them 101% and the gear is so seamless and unique! Please keep your creative dream flowing. You two are an absolute treasure!


Sam makes the most beautiful ears, you can tell her heart and soul is poured into this art form. I highly recommend buying from hoshiikins!

Nathen S

Indivdually Handcrafted with Love, Just for You.