h's Dictionary

  • Bespoke - A special listing where you can select the colors and other accessories to customize your ears to your liking. Appears randomly once per month, see the calendar for up-to-date information. 
  • Customs - Offered auction style monthly, please check the calendar or the Auction tab for the latest information. A description of each unique auction is provided on the bidding form.
  • Gear - A versatile term that can be used to refer to one's ears and, or tail sets.
  • Hoshiikins - (hoe-shee-kinz) - Our artist name, fondly named after my late bunny and muse, Hoshiiko
  • OOAK - 'One of a kind' designs. These ears are specialty art pieces that are auctioned off, only a few of these designs are made per year. 
  • Best Offer - A more casual approach to 'Silent Auctions' but share the same fundamentals via a private Google Form. This style is typically attached to weekly released pieces.
  • Silent Auction - Bidding is done privately via a Google Form and 'best and final offer', unlike traditional auctions, the highest bid is kept anonymous.  This is done to prevent abuse.
  • Surprise Release - SR - Happening every week within the Central Timezone- unless stated. These pieces are typically previewed on Instagram, so check it out for a closer look!
  • Toebean - The branding name of our handsewn, squeaking paw keychains.


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