h's Dictionary

  • Bespoke - A special listing where you can select the colors and other accessories to customize your ears to your liking. Appears randomly once per month, see the calendar for up-to-date information. 
  • Customs - Offered auction style monthly, please check the calendar or the Auction tab for the latest information. A description of each unique auction is provided on the bidding form.
  • Gear - A versatile term that can be used to refer to one's ears and, or tail sets.
  • Hoshiikins - (hoe-shee-kinz) - Our artist name, fondly named after my 10 year old rabbit, Hoshiiko
  • OOAK - 'One of a kind' designs. These ears are specialty art pieces that are auctioned off, only a few of these designs are made per year. 
  • Main Release - A monthly release consisting of about 15-20 pieces that are previewed beforehand on our Instagram. These releases are the most popular and tend to sell out very quickly. Please see the calendar or Instagram for the latest information. 
  • Silent Auction - Bidding is done privately via a form and 'best and final offer', unlike traditional auctions, the highest bid is kept anonymous.  This is done to prevent abuse.
  • Surprise Release - SR - Happening every Thursday within the Central Timezone- unless stated- these releases are made for those who cannot make the Main Release and want to try for a Toebean, set of ears or tail. Please note that there is a unique set of rules for this release that is stated in the description of each SR item. 
  • Toebean - The branding name of our handsewn, squeaking paw keychains.


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