Care 101

Ear Care 
  • Gently comb with an ears-dedicated brush when needed
  • Handle with clean hands, oils and dirt can easily transfer to faux fur.
  • Never wash or wet your ears. Fluffs can be refreshed with a bit of translucent, oil absorbing powder then brushed out.
  • Ear cuffs and stud earrings can be personally added, please DO NOT ever add plugs yourself as this will ruin them. Proper infrastructure inside has to be planned beforehand for sturdiness and to prevent the fabric stretching and bubbling over time.
  • Bobby pins can be used to secure the headband in place


  • Store in a cool, dry place out the sun to keep colors vibrant 
  • Insure the ears are properly groomed and clipped-on accessories are removed before long-term storage as it may crimp or wrinkle the fur
  • Recommendations include a dedicated box, drawer or hook- a sachet of lavender for a special touch.
Tail Care
  • Gently comb when need, light shedding is normal
  • Handle with clean hands, faux fur can easily pick up dirt and oils from your skin. 
  • Keep in a well ventilated area, just like a fluffy stuffed animal, strong odors can cling to the internal stuffing and fabric. NEVER smoke around your gear, it will ruin it.
  • Non-airbrushed tails can be surface washed with gentle detergent and cool water, never hot as this will melt the fibers. Never wash an airbrushed tail, it will ruin it. Air dry thoroughly.
Toebean Care
  • Gently comb if needed.
  • Handle with care, our items are built to last but they are still squishy art pieces
  • If needed, surface or spot clean with gentle detergent as you would a stuffed animal. Air dry thoroughly, as metal components may rust.