Frequently Asked Questions


❤ Are your items ethical? Do you use real fur? 

I pride my shop on being 100% vegan, no animals are ever harmed in the process and we will always use high quality faux fur. 

❤ Why is the shop sold out or empty? 
We sell our items via announced releases and typically sell out very quickly. Please keep an eye out on @hoshiikins for the next release date!
❤ Do you have tips for releases? 
I highly recommend being on the this website a minute or two before the release then quickly refreshing the page at the announced time. Paypal with the auto-login feature is the quickest way to check out! Please keep in mind there is only one person making the ears, I realize it can be frustrating to miss out and I'll continue to try making bigger releases to accommodate more!
❤ Can I suggest an idea for the next release? 
Certainly! Suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated and welcome. You can submit suggestions simply by commenting on my instagram. Please keep in mind that I may not be able to get to all of them but I try my best!


❤ Business Contact Info 
Own a brick and mortar store and would like to host Hoshiikins items?
Managing a mid-to-high level production where you would like Hoshiikins items to accent a costume or event?
Would you like to feature our artwork on a professional blog, magazine or gallery?
The list goes on!
Please contact: 
professional business proposals ONLY.
please note we are not seeking Instagram Promoters at this time. 
❤ How are your artworks priced?
Our pieces are priced by skill and by how much time is poured into the particular work. I typically spend five to six hours per the average pair of ears, airbrushing, trimming and quality control taking the longest.
❤ How do I get a custom set of ears? 
Custom Slots are offered monthly via auctions only! 
How can I be sure I'm buying genuine Hoshiikins?
*Most of my work has a signature look to it- but as of late 2017- I have started laser engraving my logo (a cursive 'h' with two hearts accenting it) into the headband along with the year (and sometimes month) it was made. A '+' sign beside the year inscription indicates it has made during the second half of the year. Tails will have a embroidered tag at the interior base starting December 2017 and onward. Beware of imitations.
*Please keep in mind selling items for more than you purchased them for will result in a ban- items labelled specifically “OOAK” can be exceptions. Custom items do not fall under the “OOAK” specific category and follow normal pricing procedure.
*Please do not advertise an offer to buy or bid on a particular item for more than it sold for, this seems to be a growing problem as it greatly hurts small businesses. If you're willing to pay an exorbitant amount for second-hand ears, please consider attempting to work with and support the original artist first. 
*Please disclose any modifications or damage that may have occurred.
*I have no control over the second-hand platforms or how items are cared for, please use your best judgement, use PayPal 'Goods & Services' for buyer protection and buy from trusted sources.
❤ Allergy Concerns 
I share a household with a rabbit, cats and birds- they are kept away from my materials- but, if you have severe allergies to them I would discourage purchasing from me, your health is important!