Copy of FAQs


 Terms of Service

Payment is due at time of check-out
*Please understand that every item is handmade and may have a small flaw due to human error
*At Hoshiikins we want a positive, encouraging environment! Harassment and rudeness are NOT tolerated
*Buying items for the sole intention of reselling or trading will result in a ban, I put a lot of love into my items and want them going to good homes. 
*Do not make posts advertising an item for 'potential' trade or 'taking offers', etc. before even receiving it. This will be seen as breaking the above terms and will result in a warning or ban.
*Reselling items for more than you purchased them for will result in a ban, items advertised as OOAK can be an exception. Customs do not fall under the "OOAK" specific category and follow normal pricing procedure. 
*Breaking our ToS may result in design repurpose and loss of exclusivity depending on the severity of the offense. I never wanted to add this to my ToS, but I’m exhausted and tired of being taken advantage of- again, if you’re willing to spend an exhorbitant amount on used ears, please consider supporting the original artist.
*We are not responsible for errors made in shipment (address, color selection, etc.) not made aware to us before dispatch
*We reserve the right to refuse service at any time
❤ Are your items ethical? Do you use real fur? 

I pride my shop on being 100% vegan, no animals are ever harmed in the process and we will always use high quality faux fur. I am also in the process of becoming single-use plastic free! 

❤ Why is the shop sold out or empty? 
We sell our items via announced releases and typically sell out very quickly. Please keep an eye out on @hoshiikins for the next release date!
❤ Do you have tips for releases? 
I highly recommend being on the this website a minute or two before the release then quickly refreshing the page at the announced time. Paypal with the auto-login feature is the quickest way to check out! Please keep in mind there is only one person making the ears, I realize it can be frustrating to miss out and I'll continue to try making bigger releases to accommodate more!
❤ Can I suggest an idea for the next release? 
Certainly! Suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated and welcome. You can submit suggestions simply by commenting on my instagram or sending a message on Etsy! Please keep in mind that I may not be able to get to all of them but I try my best!



❤ Pricing 
Our items are priced by how much time is poured into the particular work plus materials and operating fees. I typically spend four to five hours per the average pair of ears, airbrushing, trimming and quality control taking the longest. I try to keep my prices competitive whilst being able to support my sister, my bunny and myself!
Customs are closed until 2019. Please check back for more information then!
❤ EAR CARE 101 
How do I keep my ears looking nice?
General Upkeep
*Gently comb when needed
*Handle with clean hands, oils and dirt can easily transfer to faux fur.
*Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Recommendations include a dedicated drawer, box or wall hook. 
*Never wash or wet your ears. Fluffs can be refreshed with a bit of translucent, oil absorbing powder then brushed out.
*Ear cuffs and stud earrings can be personally added, please DO NOT ever add plugs yourself as this will ruin them. Proper infrastructure inside has to be planned beforehand for sturdiness and to prevent the fabric stretching and bubbling over time.
*Bobby pins can be used to secure the headband in place
❤ TAIL CARE 101 
How do I keep my tail looking nice?
General Upkeep
*Gently comb when need, light shedding is normal
*Handle with clean hands, faux fur can easily pick up dirt and oils from your skin. 
*Keep in a well ventilated area, just like a fluffy stuffed animal, strong odors can cling to the internal stuffing and fabric. NEVER smoke around your gear, it will ruin it.
*Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Recommendations include a dedicated drawer, box or wall hook. 
*Non-airbrushed tails can be surface washed with gentle detergent and cool water, never hot as this will melt the fibers. Never wash an airbrushed tail, it will ruin it.
How can I be sure I'm buying genuine Hoshiikins?
*Most of my work has a signature look to it- but as of late 2017- I have started laser engraving my logo (a cursive 'h' with two hearts accenting it) into the headband along with the year (and sometimes month) it was made. A '+' sign beside the year inscription indicates it has made during the second half of the year. Tails will have a embroidered tag at the interior base starting December 2017 and onward. Beware of imitations.
*Please keep in mind selling items for more than you purchased them for will result in a ban- items labelled specifically “OOAK” can be exceptions. Custom items do not fall under the “OOAK” specific category and follow normal pricing procedure.
*Please do not advertise an offer to buy or bid on a particular item for more than it sold for, this seems to be a growing problem as it greatly hurts small businesses. If you're willing to pay an exorbitant amount for second-hand ears, please consider attempting to work with and support the original artist first. 
*Please disclose any modifications or damage that may have occurred.
*I have no control over the second-hand platforms or how items are cared for, please use your best judgement, use PayPal 'Goods & Services' for buyer protection and buy from trusted sources.
❤ Business Contact Info 
Own a brick and mortar store and would like to host Hoshiikins items?
Managing a mid-to-high level production where you would like Hoshiikins items to accent a costume or event?
Would you like to feature one of our products?
The list goes on!
Please contact: 
professional business inquires ONLY.
❤ Allergy Concerns 
I share a household with a rabbit, cats and birds- they are kept away from my materials- but, if you have severe allergies to them I would discourage purchasing from me, your health is important!