~ Hoshiikins Monthly Newsletter ~
August 2018
Hi everyone!
I've decided I will be posting a monthly written update here to keep you in the loop with things going on behind the scenes and just general things to come!
Important information will be highlighted like this if you'd just like to skim! 
Firstly- an update to Surprise Releases! I have gotten quite a few messages regarding lots of people still unable to snag something from the weekly releases. 
To try and solve this, there will be one ear (or ear + tail set) snag limit per month per person, account and household. Please note, this means you may only help yourself or a friend, not both, as I am trying to prevent 'gate-keeping' and scalping for 'tips' as well. This will start September onwards! Reminder that Surprise Releases are every Thursday (unless stated otherwise), items are posted completely  randomly throughout the day within Pacific Standard Time.
Secondly, I am extremely happy and thankful to see the positive feedback from the recent Goddess Luna Fae auction, and I definitely have plans to make more special pieces available in that way! 
Thirdly, on a more personal note, 2018 has definitely been the most difficult for me in my shop journey. From the customs and refurbish fiasco(s), to the record number of scalpers hosting auctions to make a quick buck off my hard work, including a handful of once very loyal and longterm friends stooping to that same level, to most recently learning that many of the items from the pop-up shop were exploited. It's just been one thing after the other. 
I've definitely learned a lot and will be taking that into the end of this year then into the next, as I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. This is mostly an explanation on why I haven't been as active on social media and haven't been producing as many releases this year, my artistic vision and mental health are closely intertwined, so without one there isn't the other. I just want to continue making the best items to my ability for you all at the end of the day!
I am very hopeful for the future, and want to again thank those who have supported me, whether since the beginning or just last week!
Lastly, I am in the works of a late August or early September release which I will announce the date of soon. A Halloween themed release will follow that, which I am very excited for! 
Thank you! _(┐「ε:)_❤