Silent Auction FAQ

+ Please Read the Auction Listing for Individual Piece Information +

+ How do I bid?

When an auction is live, it will show as 'Open.' Click on it, and it will redirect you to the form to fill out your bid!

+ Custom & Bespoke Auctions

These both happen monthly. Custom Ear Slot Auctions are for your dream ears, the date is announced at the top of every month. Bespoke Auctions allow you to select the colors you'd like on a particular pattern, these are posted randomly towards the end of the month. 

+ What types of payment are accepted?

I accept PayPal, and other major forms of payment via Shopify invoice

+ Do you take payment plans? 

Due to past incidents I no longer take payment plans, please only bid what you can!

+ How much should I bid? 

Based on our closing averages, please only use this as a recommendation--

Toebeans: ~$125

Ears: TBD

 Please keep in mind these price points can differ widely due to season and particular piece, please feel free to bid any price that is comfortable for you!

 + What happens if there is a tie? 

On OOAK pieces, both top bidders will be privately contacted and it will be discussed as such. There will only be one winner in the end.

On Bespoke and Custom pieces, there may be a couple winners in case of a tie or a close tie!